CalorieCalling went DIY

  Have you ever been at one place and had the food from another? Well, at 1441 pizzeria located in a food hub locality @ Evershine Nagar in Malad West, we treated our taste buds to some really amazing wood fired pizza right from Naples, Italy. Haha. Yes you got it right! Oh by the... Continue Reading →


Today, You gave me a scar. My mistake, I had wished for a star. Wishing for a piece of the sun, I should have known, I was welcoming a burn.. We surely need to be thinking twice before wishing..!

A part of me..

A thread after a long time.. Guys need healthy feedbacks🙋 It's been 10 long years and yet it feels just like yesterday. Before I myself started experiencing it, I just thought of it as another clichĂ© hyperbole that people say to exaggerate their emotional façade. But today I understand. Understand it all. Today again I... Continue Reading →

A short story

Be thankful, patient. You’ll get everything you deserve 🙂
Well said my friend 🙂

Little thoughts

(Based on a true story of a guy,

One of those stories which are never mentioned anywhere.

He is not very popular,

But his life has the power to inspire)

Life was cruel to him,

He became an orphan when he was all young.

He did not have a family

Only a girl and he loved her all he could,

He hid himself and cried,

As his girl left him too.

Things were very difficult

But he did not lose hope.

He worked all day

And studied in the night

He failed sometimes but did not shatter

Because he had decided to make his life better

He prayed and worshiped the almighty

Yes, he still believed in God.

There were hungry days

and sleepless nights

He lost weight

And the charm on his face.

He was in a stage where most want to stop living

But he gathered all his…

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The last ‘One Last Time’

For the four years that I'll forever treasure!! Thank you for helping me make beautiful memories, learn important lessons, for making Channa Mereya special, for being a part of my journey and all the time that you gave me in these four years which seem to have started just yesterday.  But most importantly thank you all for... Continue Reading →

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